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At Moderna we believe in continuous relationship between fresh delicious food and life’s moments of enjoyment. Everything is prepared in the simplest, most flavourful way. And of course, carefully selected wine list and premium quality coffee to inspire conversations and good cheer. Above all this, Moderna celebrates purity of taste, warmth and hospitality. 




An “osteria” was known as a place serving wine and simple food; down-home style eatery typically serving a short menu of local specialities such as pasta, meat or fish, where wine is poured and consumed liberally. Although we allow ourselves to deviate a little from traditions (for what “Moderna” stands in the name), one important that is present - Moderna is a family owned restaurant. Our two owners are also our Chefs. The menu, interior and each little piece was created by them with love and passion. 



Rooted in the Italian tradition of simplicity and freshness, the Osteria Moderna menu features well known Italian classics with a modern and fusion twist. Never overcomplicated and in the sake of decoration; always simple and tasty. Although Italian cuisine often requires special ingredients that our homeland do not offer, our chefs use local fresh goods whenever possible. After all, thats the beauty of Italian cuisine - using what the land provides respectfully and with love. 




Food is not only for nourishing your bodies but to enjoy time with the loved ones. Talking, tasting, laughing, pouring wine, passing plates and soaking up sauce with bread - this is how Italians do it at home and that’s how the food at Moderna is meant to be enjoyed: wholeheartedly. The menu is divided into perfect parts of a whole meal and your selections will arrive at your table as they are prepared: bread and antipasti before pasta, then main courses full of protein followed by dessert. 



One will find no artificial colourings and flavours in Spritz and Negroni here at Moderna nor the fussy cocktails. Our liquors are carefully selected from best presented on the market. If you are surprised by Spritz that is not bright orange, give it a chance, the pure and natural taste will win your heart. Beers and wines have been selected to suit the tastes of many and perfectly accompany dishes from our menu. 




Kids are more than welcome at Moderna. Just like at nonna’s house, they are both adored and expected to behave. 




There are 4 free parking spots right next to Moderna. There’s also plenty of street parking on Tina street and streets nearby in Kesklinn parking area. Be sure to park in areas not requiring permits and respect the peace and quite of our neighbourhood.


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